Discover the Indian Pacific

Experience one of the few truly transcontinental rail journeys in the world with a voyage on board the Indian Pacific service, which travels across the breadth of southern Australia in incomparable style. Part of Great Southern Rail, the Indian Pacific speeds from coast to coast on a storied journey that follows in the footsteps of bush pioneers, gold rush greed, and famous adventurers who forged to discover the barren natural beauty of Australia’s famously unforgiving outback. The classic transcontinental journey takes four days and three nights, though the Indian Pacific also makes charter services for those who want to explore deeper into the bush. Throughout, there are off-train excursions to Adelaide and her surroundings, the Blue Mountains and Perth, so you can stretch your legs and explore the most remote corners of this inhospitable yet intensely welcoming land.

The dream of a transcontinental rail service began in the 1890s, but it was not until 1969 that an uninterrupted rail track linked the Indian Ocean in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east. The train’s first full transcontinental journey took place on 23 February 1970, when more than 10,000 people welcome the historic train to the city of Perth.

Indian Pacific Rail Deals

The Experience

Stepping aboard the train evokes a great sense of anticipation, as you embark upon one of the world’s finest coast to coast crossings, on the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world. You will enjoy the finest dining, drinks and off-train excursions as you stream across the country, while relaxing in the luxurious surroundings.

While service on board is exceptional, it is also laidback in a way that you can expect when travelling in Australia; there’s no need to dress up unless you specifically want to, and socialising with other guests is encouraged. However, if you’d prefer to relax in your cabin and enjoy the views with a book or the train commentary, that’s perfectly acceptable too.



On average, the train comprises some 30 different carriages, including guest cabins, crew quarters, restaurant cars, lounges and power vans. The length of the train is around 774 metres, so you’ll have plenty of space to stretch your legs on board. The accommodation carriages are modern, while the dining and bar carriages are replete with traditional Edwardian details. Separate to the dining car, the Outback Explorer Lounge provides a welcoming space to socialise with other guests.


The accommodation on board is extremely luxurious, with different levels of opulence depending on what you desire from your escape. The modern cabin suites are hewn from wood and have all the comforts required to ensure you have a restful journey, and contrast beautifully with the elegant Edwardian décor of the dining cars, which have panoramic views of the passing landscape. Journey commentary can explain all of the sights as you rest in your cabin, so there’s no need to miss out on any of the action.


As well as the ability to personalise your off-train excursions and dining on board, travelling on the Indian Pacific also means you can choose your level of service, so you end up with a journey that’s just right for you. The most popular choice of service is the Gold Service, which includes Twin and Single cabins, all-inclusive dining in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant with a choice of Australian wines, beers and spirits, short stops and excursions.


Your dining options depend on the level of service you have opted for, but all meals take place in the beautifully appointed Queen Adelaide restaurant car or the Platinum Club. Menus change frequently and feature Australian cuisine and more international flavours, plus sumptuous local wines. Dishes may include mouth-watering saltwater barramundi and kangaroo fillet, or outback lamb. Platinum Service guests receive more diverse dining options and can expect sumptuous breakfasts served in-cabin on request, two-course lunches and delicious four-course dinners.

Dress Code

A smart casual dress code is observed on board. We recommend warm clothing for outback experiences in the early morning or evening, a hat, plenty of sunscreen and comfortable shoes.